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What To Eat To Enhance Your Mental Strength

#2/15 Magnesium

Various fatty foods with Magnesium such as chocolate, bananas, seeds, avocado, some herbs

Magnesium is present in all cells of the body and is involved in over 300 enzymatic processes, including energy production. In addition, magnesium is essential for maintaining normal bone density, normal cardiac rhythmicity, pulmonary function, and normal blood glucose regulation. While critical for age-related memory loss; magnesium is associated with memory potential and mental strength. Studies show that low levels of magnesium directly correlate to poor memory function. Beside this it supports optimal cognitive health by maximizing the various intricate functions of the brain. Chronic stress depletes magnesium so keeping stress levels under control and increasing your intake of magnesium improves brain health and cognitive processing speed. You can find this mineral in almonds, spinach, cashews, avocados and black beans.

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