Sleeping Habits the Most Revolutionary Information about Women's Sleep!

Forget Everything You Knew About Sleeping – Here are the Most Revolutionary Information about Women’s Rest!

We all know that having sleeping habits is essential and one of the most important factors of our overall health –have you heard anything about recent studies claiming that women actually need more sleep than men? Make up your bed and listen to scientists as they always must be right!

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Up to now, everyone thought that a 6-8-hour sleep must be enough for all of us. Of course, we are aware that this number highly depends on physical activities, age, personal aspects and –as we have just learned it – sex. Newest studies showed that women use their brain in a physically more active way then men, therefore their bodies demand more time to get all the important rest – and this number means more than 8 hours, so ladies, buy some nice pyjamas and enjoy the warning of these studies! Naturally, in case of feeling bad and more tired after 8 or 9 hours of sleep, it’s not a must – try out different sleeping apps to discover your own needs!



Let us provide you with some tips for increasing your sleeping habits and a better more satisfying slumber:

1.Stick to a sleep schedule, even on weekends!
Unsystematic sleeping is one of the worse habits of all time: even if you have to work late night and partied a lot last Saturday, you have to try everything to help your body relax at the same time every day – try sleeping apps or write a schedule with your helpmeet to motivate yourself!

2.Do some exercise every day to make your body relaxed and sufficiently tired
Even a 20-minute walk can help you rest better – what if you try to stick to a regular jog-plan? All of your sleep-bugbears will fly away!

3.Follow your alcohol and caffeine consumption
Be sure not to drink these before bedtime as they are heavily messing up your body’s natural workflow. Even one night can influence your whole week!

4.Turn off your phone and all of your electric devices before bed
Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter: these are awesome platforms in the morning and sometimes during work, but not directly before bedtime! Usually, your nerves try to calm down after a stressful day, but social media and television programmes surely prohibit your natural resting functions… The whole thing doesn’t worth it!

5.Do some breathing exercises before sleep
We are convinced that you already know a lot about mindfulness – have you tried it already? Start your new life-journey with some relaxation before going to bed! 5 minutes each day will improve your sleep, wake up your motivation and help to avoid mental diseases as well!

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