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Reasons why we Get Hungry more Often

The human body depends on food as a source of its energy. Being extremely hungry is medically referred to as Polyphagia, and it advisable to visit a doctor if this condition occurs. Hunger is a condition that is brought by both a biological and physiological factor. Briefly discussed below are some of the reasons why we feel hungry.

A sudden rise and fall in the blood sugar level which could be caused by the constant consumption of nutritionally-deficient refined carbohydrates. Low sugar is a trigger for the hunger hormones that makes you want more carb.

60% of times, people feel they are hungry and eat some food, whereas they are just thirsty. This happens because hunger and thirst are regulated by the hypothalamus which mixes up the signal sometimes. Drinking two cups of water before eating can make you consume fewer calories when eating a meal.

Eating with distractions like a television could make for reasons why people eat more. Studies have shown that people who hear the sound of their food eat moderately, while people who are unaware of the sound of their food due to the levels of noise tends to eat more.

Being regularly stressed can cause hunger. Epinephrine hormones are pumped out during stress and put eating on hold. However, with continuous stress, the adrenal gland releases a different hormone named cortisol that triggers the hunger hormones.

Not getting an adequate amount of sleep is a reason for hunger. When there is insufficient sleep, the level of leptin in the body drops, thereby increasing the urge for food. Poor sleep rate burns calories and also increase the levels of cortisol that stores fat.

It takes between 20 – 30 minutes for the hunger hormones to get to your brain. Eating food at a very fast pace is likely to make you eat more food than required. It is best to eat slowly because the system takes time to work.

Skipping of meals makes you feel hungrier when the next food is being served. The depletion of blood sugar in the body is high when food is skipped which gives rise to the hunger hormone.

Eating food with low fat helps contribute more to hunger. This is because low-fat foods are packaged with sugar to compensate for the absence of flavor. The brain receives a signal from the tongue that something good is on the way down to the stomach.

Alcohol consumptions, especially before a meal, can cause reasons for eating more. Studies have shown that alcohol is one of the major reason for excessive food intake. This is because alcohol raises our senses.

Protein is an important nutrient for a human. Eating food with less protein can increase hunger. Adequate protein in the food is good because it’s digestion takes longer time. Protein stays longer in the stomach and gives the feeling of fullness.