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Natural Healing: Top 12 Sunburn Cures

You had a great day at the beach, it was probably the best day of your life, but fun under the sun still exposes your skin to the dangerous rays of the sun, sunburn. Even if you are careful, your skin may suffer from 1st or even 2nd-degree burns, in fact, you may not even notice the damage until is too late. Is important for you to have these 12 treatments and cured for sunburns in case you need them.

#1/12 Baths

A smiling woman reclined in a white bathtub. She has her eyes closed and has a towel as a pillow

When you have a mild sunburn, a bath may sound like a gift from the gods, however, you should be careful of what products you use. Common soap and bubble baths can dry and irritate your skin, causing the opposite of the desired effect.

Dermatologists suggest bathing with baking soda. This can help against inflammation, which at the end is the process by which mild sunburns appear. Letting it dry on your skin will provide further protection, also, while trying this method, avoid toweling off, doing so will remove the baking soda from your skin. Baths with apple cyder and white vinegar also help with the pain. 1 cup of vinegar mixed with a cool bath will do the trick.