Being Lazy is the New Healthy, read all about it in this healthy article

Being Lazy is the New Healthy! – The most Relieving News about Napping

Have you ever wondered about taking just a small nap after 3 huge lattes and 6 hours of work on a Thursday afternoon? Are you keen on relaxing in the bathroom and falling asleep immediately on lazy Sundays after lunch? Don’t be afraid of being a bit lazy anymore: studies prove that your body and brain work best if they have enough time and opportunity to rest! Of course, being active and trying to stick to a workout schedule is still the best choice, yet newest studies show that taking a nap boosts your creativity, stimulates your brains must important functions and helps you to be more motivated and well-balanced all day long. Let’s make things clear: please don’t expect that eating a family pizza and sleeping 3 hours each day will help to improve your overall health, but still, there’s nothing wrong with taking a nap in the middle of a stressful workday.

lazy girl receiving coffee

To make you feel less guilty, here are some enumerated statements that you can stick to in the case of an ’emergency-nap’:




1.Feeling lazy is absolutely normal
Well, we are all the same: our bodies instinctively try to save energy for “more important” activities, therefore being a little bit lazy is a natural attribution of every human – don’t ever feel ashamed again for taking a nap!

2.Naps improve energy levels
We are sure that even if you’re not a big napper, you remember that awesome feeling that ‘creating’ new sources of energy provides. After a few minutes, your body starts to renew and you simply get charged to continue your day!

3.Afternoon rests help to solve problems
Even 5 minutes of napping can help to boost your creativity and make up your mind: next time if you struggle from different issues, simply try to relax a few minutes and the solution will be in front of you after you wake up!

4.Laziness means weight loss
Can you evoke that feeling when you are so tired that only snacks can help? Taking a nap will blow away these cravings and helps to stimulate your motivation, moreover, it brings you closer to a workout by providing you with more and more energy – sleep, workout, work, repeat!

lazy girl watching netflix

Now, that you are totally aware of the awesome positive side of napping, comes the big question: how much sleep do we need? Well, this always depends on the exact circumstances, yet we can claim that a nice nap around 20 minutes will surely help you reach your everyday goals, better results and overall everything that you would like to achieve in one day, so don’t ever be afraid of being a bit lazy again in the afternoon!