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Photos that Prove Instagram Lies to You

Instagram is a hub for social media photos. People can post whatever they want, whenever they want. But this is sometimes to a fault. You never really know whether the photos you see reflect reality. However, there are some obvious mess-ups that give themselves away as lies. Here are 15 times Instagram photos were obviously fake.

Selena Gomez’s Warped Photos

Instagram photos aren't always what they seem, as in this picture.

There are ways to subtly edit an image that will probably go unnoticed. This photo series is unfortunately not one of those. When people take to Photoshop or photo editing applications, they run the risk of making obvious changes to photos. This is true in this photo of Selena Gomez. You can obviously see where the image is distorted and warped looking. This is probably done with a stretching tool, but it was just too obvious to be overlooked by fans.