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Why Drinking Water is So Important for your Body?

Drinking water is widely known to be the main factor in the survival of life. It is a very important nutrient (if not the most important). After the air we breathe, water is the next most important thing needed by humans for survival. Drinking water in the right manner and quantity is an important thing because the human body majorly comprises of water. It is medically recommended to take between 10-12 glasses of water on a daily basis.  Water help carries out lots of essential functions of our body, so it is vital to have a regular consumption of it.

Water has numerous importance which includes and not limited to that it helps absorb nutrient efficiently from all the food we have eaten and gives the kidney the ability to process the foods and pass out the waste products. As a matter of fact, when we are hydrated, the internal organs of the body of the body perform at a very high rate of efficiency. Also, when the body is dehydrated, the blood becomes thick and makes it difficult to be pumped by the body.

Everybody part depends on water for optimal performance.

Aliments and diseases like blood pressure, headache, dental problems, kidney related problems and various skin diseases can be prevented by the proper consumption of water. According to medical practitioners, daily consumption of 8 glasses of water can reduce the risk of bladder cancer by 50%, colon cancer by 45% and also the risk of breast cancer.

Some of the important reasons why drinking of water is important for our health is listed below –

  • The metabolism of the body is regulated by water
  • It has great impact on body weight loss
  • It serves as a source of body hydration
  • It helps in transporting digested food nutrients through the body
  • Proper drinking of water helps maintain muscle tones and metabolizes stored fats
  • It helps protects the tissues and organs of the body, and also helps the joints movement
  • Water serves as a lubricant in the body
  • The fluids surrounding the joints are made up of water
  • Water is the main base of our saliva
  • Heating and cooling of the body through precipitation is regulated by water