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16 Thundering Reasons why Coconut Oil Makes Your Life Much Better

We are absolutely convinced that you rolled your eyes while reading the title of this article saying ’Yeah, I know them all: beautiful hair, beautiful skin, healing properties, diet-friendly aspects, etc…’ But you are still here and curious about the most important and newest information around coconut oil, one of the best products ever – we are happy to say that reading this list will make us meet your expectations! Just an example that proves everything: have you heard about our 12. point, the coconut oil-toothpaste? These tips have the power to save you a lot of money and time, so go on and eat a spoon of coconut oil while making it your best friend!

Coconut Oil Benefits #1 Butter? No way!

Unfortunately almost everyone keeps the bad habit of eating toast only with butter or jam – hey, what about coconut oil? Just try to be creative and use it instead of bad quality butter: your digestion will shout a huge thanks for that!