Protein, Vegetarians Should Be Aware Off Their Intake Of This Macro!

The 20 Best Vegetarian Sources Of Protein

In a culture with proteins as its main principle; it is most common to see that vegans and vegetarians are constantly questioned about where they obtain their daily protein intake. So, in order to help you stay healthy we have compiled a list of the best vegetarian sources of protein that will definitely keep you strong and fit.

#1/20 Chia Seeds

Seed Chia Food Grain Hrisca Texture Seeds Dry

Even though chia seeds don’t contain a lot of protein they do have all of the indispensable aminoacids. Thanks to the amounts of proteins, fats and fiber, they’re the perfect partner to fight hunger while on a diet. Also, the presence of omega-3 will help you to decrease the chance of suffering a heart disease. In the end; you can add chia seeds to almost any meal of the day so you can keep your energy levels roaring.