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25 Tasty Fruit Salad Recipes Ideal For Summer

This summer call for celebration; and you can do just that with these delicious fruit salad recipes. If the last time you had fruit salad was at your grandma’s house, you’re not alone. The old school dish is of a bygone era. Besides, nowadays, food bloggers are taking this favorite further into the future with fun, healthy add-ins like: quinoa, basil, and, in some cases, cheese such as mozzarella and feta. Admit it, your interest is piqued. If not, these 25 recipes will definitely grab your attention.

#1/25 Radicchio Melon Salad

Tasty fruit salad, add a little crunchy prosciutto, bitter radicchio and salty parmesan to the mixture

In this salad we use apples and bitter radicchio to showcase the watermelon radish’s bright flavor. Each component of this salad can be substituted to match what is in season or your personal taste.