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20 Tips To Achieve The Ultimate Morning Routine

A good or even a great morning routine is something rather nice to have. It can help you develop time and stress management skills, self’-discipline and mental strength. For those who’ve had to follow particularly strict diets, the idea of adding a rigid routine to your day may seem a horrible idea, after all, following very rigid rules is always difficult. The main reason for many people’s resistance against following a morning routine is fear of failure. No worries, we are not going to impose a set of hard rules that are going to be impossible to follow for some (if not most) of you. In this article we present 20 simple and flexible tips to develop a healthy and personalize morning routine.

#1/20 Set some goals for yourself

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Setting small reminders for yourself is a good an effective way to remember important things to do during the day. This is a fine and efficient practice to have in your morning routine. The way you do this is entirely up to you. Post-its, alarms, notebooks, notepads and other tools are all valid methods. They should be very broad goals, nothing too specific.