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20 Spices For A Metabolism Boost in 2019

Meat-lovers, pay attention! Marjoram


Next to its stomach-strengthening virtue, marjoram is still one of the best and most popular spices: it helps to boost digestion, gives meat an awesome taste and leads to extra burnt calories! Have you already bought your own bag of marjoram?

The ’oldie’: Cumin


Almost everyone has that exact taste in their mouth when it comes to cumin: special breads, soups and that lovely curry – there is a reason why international gastronomy likes cumin so much… It boosts immunity, provides prevention against cancer, keeps your skin young, treats asthma, fights diabetes and helps to increase you weight loss! Wow, this is a long list, isn’t it? Ever wondered how some people never seem to struggle with their weight? Check out the next herb and you could be one of them!