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15 Ways To Keep Your Healthy Food Fresh

Have you ever thought of how much food you waste, because you did not stored it properly? It is a lot of food. So, in order to save money you need to learn how to keep you purchases fresh. For example, buy only the things you need and remember to eat what you already have at home. At the same time, not all the food goes to the fridge: recognize what kind of food goes inside the fridge and what does not need to be refrigerated. So, follow this tips to keep your food safe and sound.

#1/15 Mushrooms

Open plastic bag full of fresh mushrooms, are in a container on top of a wooden table

Paper bags can save you in some ways, and using it for storing mushrooms is one of them. This bags keep them more efficiently than usual plastic. Besides, if you keep them this way, you can avoid the formation of moisture; which is very bad for mushrooms. Finally, you can keep them in the refrigerator.