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15 Bad Kitchen Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

Nowadays cooking is for everyone, with easily accessible recipes, online videos and affordable cookbooks all around us everyone can put a star dish on the table. Even though we are all so involved in the kitchen some mistakes are easily made, therefore reading this article will give you the needed tips on the kitchen habits you should ditch!

1. You Are Too Gently Adding Salt

Women in blue adding salt to a pan with her fingers, green plant in the foreground

Often we are so satisfied eating a restaurant mainly because of the great produce and the skills the chef’s have, but what many do not know is how important the amount of salt in food can be. Adding salt must be done in careful manner so that the flavours of the food pop, but too much salt can ruin a dish very easily. Adding the right amount of salt can be tricky but practice makes perfect and it will pay off!