13 Surprisingly Delicious Foods, That "Will" Whiten your Teeth?

13 Surprisingly Delicious Foods, That “Will” Whiten your Teeth?

Sometimes the traditional or unorthodox methods are so present in media that are worth checking out to see if they are worth the attention. While visiting your local drugstore it is not gonna be hard to notice a lot of commercial options for teeth whitening and most dentists offer the same service, however, if you are looking for simple, homemade and cheap alternatives, then why not give these 13 delicious foods a closer look?

#1/13 Sesame or virgin coconut oil

jar with coconut oil

Oil pulling (gargling with oil) with sesame or coconut oil, according to many popular sources, is a great and natural way to clean and whiten your teeth. If you follow this method you’ll be swishing warm or hot oil around your mouth for 15 to 20 minute sessions. The idea behind this is that the natural antibacterial properties and important nutrients of these oils will not only improve oral health, but also whiten your teeth. Results have varied but the important thing is not to swallow the oil.