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11 Motives Why You Should Stop Eating Dairy Food

This kind of food is everywhere! Whether it be in the form of milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, among other things. So if safe to assume that many of us are really fond of dairy food. However, there have been a reduction on the consumption of all this food. For example, the reasons people give dairy are weight loss, clearer skin, disease prevention, and increased energy. Hence, if you are considering, here are 11 reasons to do it so.

#1/11 Cow’s Milk Is Intended For Baby Cows

Light brown cow grazing in a forest next to his beige and white calf

Humans are the only specie that drink milk from another mammal, also the only ones doing it after infancy. In addition, 65% of the world population suffers some degree of lactose intolerance. So this probably should ring some bells.