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List Of 10 Herbs You Can Grow Inside Your Home

The aroma and taste of fresh herbs is a big advantage of summer gardening. Besides, they taste great, they smell wonderful, and you probably read about their health benefits as well. In addition, herbs do need sunlight and warmth, so your first step is to check around your home for available window ledges, countertops or shelves that get plenty of exposure to the sun. Most culinary herbs prefer at least six hours of sunlight a day. So, check out this list of some herbs that you can easily grow in the comfort of your home.


Cup Herbs Green Basil Cooking Leaf Leaves Spring

This herb is easily to grow indoors. It likes lots of sun and warmth. In fact, give it a south or western window to capture the necessary light. Besides is a preferred pairing for tomatoes and to prepare you own pesto.